12-Week Transformational Parenting Sessions

MotherhoodBEFORE you became a parent…

You probably heard about how joyful and fulfilling it is to raise kids. Nobody really talked about how challenging it can be.

And now that you’re a parent, you desperately want to raise your children differently from how you were raised.

Do you remember how your parents made unfair demands and got mad at you if you expressed ANY negative feelings about them?

Or how you were sent to your room until you could “calm down”?

Or how you were constantly compared to your siblings or cousins?

How about spankings when you were rude or disrespectful?

You probably remember how hurt and alone you felt.

You may have even sworn, “When I have kids, things will be different!”

But now that you have children of your own, that change isn’t so easy.

You find yourself getting easily frustrated, saying things like, “There’s no reason to be crying.”

You’re yelling at your children and fighting with your spouse.

It’s a constant cycle of rebellion and disrespect, and no matter how desperately you want to or how hard you try… you can’t crawl out.

StyledLet me help.

I’m a parent-child relationship specialist and parenting coach, and I can help you break the chains of the past.

Because old ways of parenting haven’t worked. Today, kids are struggling with anxiety, depression, behavior problems, and suicide like never before.

Enough is enough!

Let’s create a new parenting paradigm…

It’s time to empower parents with the knowledge, skills, and tools to secure peace in their homes.

When you sign up for the 12-week Transformation Parenting Program, you will get full, lifetime access to its online videos and workbooks. Each module is self-paced with a video you can reference anytime (see the syllabus }.

Understand how each lesson impacts your life now.

Determine how you would like to show up as a parent.

Discover what actions you need to take to bridge that gap between chaos and peace.

Expect to dive deeper into yourself as an individual (and as a parent) and discover new things to improve ALL areas of your life.

2269475509Our world is in crisis…

It’s a “disconnection crisis,” and it’s perpetuated by technology. We’re not connecting with each other, and it shows in our children’s mental health and behavioral traits.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine a world where children feel seen and worthy – where they have intrinsic motivation and don’t make fear-based decisions.

You deserve to love this chapter of your life!

Let’s change the narrative. For more information, let’s connect during your free consultation.